On my own, Autoportrait, embroidery, 2014.

"What if the entire history of Apple innovation is being better at scrolling methods on various devices? Think about it."

Live from Apple’s iPhone 6 and iWatch event - The Verge

"If Reddit wants to be thought of as a government, we’ll call it what it is: a failed state, unable to control what happens within its borders."

Reddit is a failed state | The Verge



21st Century version of the Maslow pyramid

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"I think that 90 minutes is not enough time to tell a female story. I think that most genres in film are driven by male protagonists — there’s the buddy story, there’s the action film, there’s the epic, there’s the film noir, there’s the romcom, which gets closest to being a female story, but if you’re not George Cukor or Preston Sturges you have a really hard time writing a really good story."

Frances McDormand 

The Olive Kitteridge star reveals how vital television is for telling female stories. Filmmakers, take note. 



So many items arranged so beautifully.



ClimateWorks is a San Francisco based foundation whose mission is to support public policies that prevent dangerous climate change and promote global prosperity. This infographic about wlkable neighborhoods is part of a document called Planning Cities for People, which was prepared for the Chinese government. The document, which contains 8 research-based recommendations that lead to prosperous, low-carbon urban areas, uses richly illustrated maps and diagrams to present examples of street-grids that promote walking, prioritize bicycle networks, create mixed-use neighborhoods and support high-quality transit.

This is how you do walkability. 



Map of all devices connected via the internet

Redditor achillean writes:

I Pinged All Devices on the Internet, here’s a Map of them.

The data was generated using a stateless scanner used to create Shodan. A free, open-source scanner called Zmap is readily available for anybody that wants to do it themselves! And the map itself was generated using the Python matplotlib library.

It took about 5 hours to ping all IPs on the Internet, then another 12+ hours to generate the map.

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Hulu has acquired exclusive streaming rights to Starz’s cult comedy “Party Down,” it was announced Wednesday.

From Friday, August 29, every episode of Party Down will be made available on Hulu Plus, while the first five episodes will be available for a limited time on Hulu.com, which is free and ad-supported for non-subscribers. (via)

I miss when it was all on Netflix, but this is just as good I guess.